About Me


Hi my name is Dragana and I have been on a self discovery for over 15 years.

I discovered that your “blood type” defines what you should be eating and how you should be exercising to ensure your body and mind is at its optimal.

Alkalining your body is a big part of this picture and hence why you need to make sure your PH level is around 7.5. Anything below 6.75 is acidic and means your body will need to work harder to break down what you consume. The Soul is a tenant, the body is the landlord!

I want YOU to experience the same great experiences as I have so I have personally developed a “30 Day Program” that you can download for FREE!

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Why I started Plasma Diet

Let me ask you a couple of questions about you…....
  • Ever experienced less weight loss results than others?
  • Ever felt like you put on weight by just looking at food?
  • Or did you just feel really bad after eating certain foods?

Well this is because you are eating the wrong food for your blood type. I found that some foods irritated me and I had a natural instinct to do certain exercises.

My body that was telling me something and I knew the answer was in my blood type. Armed with this information I eliminated certain food and started exercising the right way.

I never look at food the same way today.

Download FREE Report“How to Lose Weight & Feel Good in 30 Days”

Free Mobile App

I have developed a Mobile App for you to use for Free.

  • Diet Program
  • Fitness Program
  • Mindfulness Program

Just download from the App Store or Google Play

What is the “Plasma Diet Program”

This program is a vibrant health, weight management and fitness program, tailored to your individual blood type.



  • Daily meals for Breakfast, lunch & dinner
  • Ingredients only for your blood group
  • Recipes & instructions for each meal


  • Daily exercise routines
  • Step by step instructions
  • Only do exercise good for your blood type


  • Learn how to relax
  • Get in touch with your self
  • Understand your personality
Download FREE Report“How to Lose Weight & Feel Good in 30 Days”

How does Plasma Diet work

You have been misled to from the day we are born. The food our parents and society thought would be good for you may well have been harmful.

I believe that through discipline and understanding of your bodies needs you will come to understand that your blood type is critical to your bodies fulfilment.

Once your body is back in its true state then you will be in a position to achieve whatever you want in life.

At Plasma Diet, we’re here to change all of that for you. No more fad dieting, awful foods or crazy rules to follow.

With us, it’s all about eating the right types of food for your specific blood type. It really is that easy!

Download FREE Report“How to Lose Weight & Feel Good in 30 Days”

Losing Weight


Eat the wrong foods for your blood type and watch as your body struggles to carry around the right amount of oxygen while trying to remove toxins.

This means that your body’s natural repair process is slowed down and stops you from burning off any of the unnecessary food. This is purely natures balance being out of order. Your body knows what to do if you treat it right.

My program is based upon a combination of easy to make fresh and nutritious meals and personalised simple fitness programs that will make you lose weight and feel good.

As your body starts to function properly as it was originally intended to you will see, feel and experience the difference and your friends and family will notice you have a new overall GLOW!

Download FREE Report“How to Lose Weight & Feel Good in 30 Days”